VolunteerHub May 2024 Release Notes | Text Messaging Restored

Text Messaging Restored

Regulatory issues which had caused text messaging to be deactivated have been overcome and text message functionality is now enabled.

Every site's text message credits have been restored to the number they had prior to the functionality being deactivated, plus an additional 250.

Quick Facts:

• All text messages originate from: 855-762-5644
• One-way texting, volunteers cannot reply
• Format of automatic reminder texts for events:
[Text Messaging Organization Name] reminder: [Event Name] @ [Date and time] @ [Location]

For more information about texting and details of all the ways to send them, read our Texting Knowledgebase Article.

Click here for information about Text Credits.

Modernized Sign-In Page

The sign-in page has been updated with a more modern look.

For information about how to modify your Sign In Message, click here.

Added more Triggers to Zapier

The list of available triggers within Zapier now contains the following:

  • Event Details Updated
  • Hour Created
  • Hour Updated
  • New User Created
  • User Form Answers Updated
  • User Registration Created
  • User Registration Updated

Click here to learn more about Zapier.

*Zapier is an integration included at no cost with all VolunteerHub plans

Bug Fix

Issues related to sending emails through the Custom 'Users' Report have been resolved.

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