Should it become necessary to cancel a flight, SkyManager allows the pilot, instructor if any, or an Admin user to cancel a flight. Click on the Reservation name to bring up the Reservation Window: (note: clicking the gray reservation box will not activate the window. You must click the name in the gray reservation box! Alternatively, you may select “view” from your list of personal reservation below the main schedule)

The following Reservation Window will appear. At the bottom, select the “Remove”button:

The Cancellation window appears. Use the drop down box to select a reason. Admin users can remove a flight completely without a reason, all other users must select a reason. A space for comments is available. Choices include Illness, Weather, Maintenance, and Other.


Once you have entered your cancellation reasons, click “Cancel Reservation” and SkyManager will remove the reservation and free the aircraft and instructor time, if any. Any alternate reservation waiting in line will automatically