SkyManager features a Digital Flight Log laid out like a traditional paper log. Because SkyManager data is secure and backed up, we enourage its use. Additionally, if your organization allows your FSDO to do remote digital audits, the Flight Log will be required. At any time a user can print/export a portion, or all, of the log.

Once logged in, and on the Home Screen, click on “Flight Log” in the top bar:

The flight log will appear, looking just like the paper version:

Since this light log is new, there is no data. At the bottom is the date range function to view a part of the log by date. To add a flight, click on “add” on the far left of the log. The following screen will appear:

Enter your flight data, then click “Save Entry”. You will now see your first populated flight entry in the log. A sample flight has been added below:

You will now notice that an “edit” link has appeared next to the flight that was recorded. This allows a permitted user to edit, or even remove the flight. Permissions may or may not be granted to any particular user.




To print your flight log, or save electronically in a location other than SkyManager, you will use the “Flight Log” report in the Report Gallery, found under “Administrative Tools” on the Home Screen. You may or may not have permission to use this feature. If you do, click on Flight Log Report tool, and the following screen appears:

Your Member Name will appear, or and Admin user can select other users. Select the date range you want to print/export and click “Create Report”.

Your flight report will appear as it does above, and it will show your username (in this case, “smsupport”).

Now in the report navigation bar, notice the blue floppy disk symbol with drop down arrow. Activate this buttom to see your export choices. Exporting will allow a cleaner printable version than just using your browser screen. Select the type of file you wish to export and save.

You will be prompted to Open or Save “FlightLogReport” to your designated computer or drive. You will now have your flight log in whatever format you wish.