SkyManager features an Accounting System that can track deposits and charges like Rentals, Fuel, and Point of Sales Items like Sectional Charts. To view your purchase history and deposit record, view the Account Statement. Important Note: if your organization is using QuickBooks™ or has a Business Office that is separate, you Account Statement may not be instantly up to date.

Once logged in, and on the Home Screen, click on “Account Statement” in the top bar:

The Account Statement will appear:

We are looking at the SkyManager Support Account. The statement is arranged by date, Entry Description, and other items, finishing with a running balance on the right hand side.


Administrators will decide if the links for “edit” and “add” will appear to each user. Their uses are to edit an invoice or charge, and to add a new charge or credit.


SkyManager uses an accounting standard in the “Total” column that may appear confusing at first. Think of any number in the “Total” column as the “price”. Negative numbers shown in red and in parentheses are to the user’s favor or credit, and black regular numbers are to the Organizations favor or credit.


Thus, on the top line of the above screenshot, you see that The beginning balance is negative $365.00. Then a “Deposit, Cash” was made, shown in the “Total” column as ($365.00). Then below, the summary of this transaction (only 1 item) is summarized into an “Invoice” with the date an time. The Balance column now shows “-“ to indicate a neither positive or negative number ($0.00) indicating that our payment matching the starting negative balance has been applied.


Now lets look at a flight entry:

Here we are looking at typically pilot/instructor (Bob Jones) flight with plane rental (PA-44), and the purchase of a Sectional chart. Each charge is a separate line item, with the amounts being tallied to the right. The final total of all items appears at the bottom line with the date, time, and total charge, $328.69. Our final balance is negative $638.69, so lets add a payment!


There are two ways to add a payment, and one of the ways is here from your own account statement, if an administrator gives you that right. If it appears, click on “add” next to the entry date as seen in the above screenshot. It will then pop up the below payment window:

You may choose from cash, check, or credit card deposits to your SkyManager Account. Here we have used a check for $700.00, and noted a comment. Click “Add Transaction” and your deposit will be recorded.



Printing Receipts from the account statement:


To print a receipt from the Account Statement, simply click “print” next to any summarized invoice. It will open the print window with the receipt formatted for a generic receipt printer, though any printer will work.