Congratulations on acquiring SkyManager! This software program will make all your flight operations easier, quicker, and give you access anytime from anywhere via the web! This series of Quick Start Guide cards is designed to get you up and running quickly. Please see your Program Director for further details.

1. Logging in the first time

Your site’s web address is: (organization name) You will then see the login page with your organizations logo, colors, etc. similar to below. Click on “Create New Account” to begin:

Once you click, you will be taken to a screen that requests your name, address, email, and will ask for a Username and Password of your choosing. Note: It is important to choose a user name that your organization will recognize, for example “JSmith” and not “JohnnyFlyer123”. Your organization may also want your legal name for FAA requirements. Be sure to ask. Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive.   If you want SkyManager to update you to any possible schedule change, or notification, make sure to enter an email address. See this screen below:












Once you complete the form, and click the “Complete Registration” button, the system will prompt of you a succesful entry. You may then notify your organizations’ designated SkyManager administrator to activate your account. You will also receive an email with a copy of your User Name at the address you specified.

2. Account Approved

Once your account has been approved by an administrator you will simply navigate back to the same home screen as above, but this time entering your chosen username and password. You will want then to go back to your rostered name. Additional information may be added at that time, such as a Student ID #.