SkyManager defines an asset as an aircraft or aircraft simulator. This Quick Start Guide will teach you how to add your assets to the SkyManager System. You can add as many assets as you like, until you reach your license limit. Additional licenses can be added at any time. Just notify us.


  1. Adding Assets to SkyManager:

From the logged-in Home Screen, you the Administrator will first click on “System Configuration” under the Administrative Tools on the right side of this screen:

You will then click on “Aircrafts” on the next screen:

The next screen is the Aircraft/Simulator entry page. Click on the “add” text link:

This will bring up the “Edit Aircraft” box.

This box allows a user to enter aircraft data. The first box is for Aircraft group. Once you enter several of the same aircraft, you can edit each aircraft listing here, and then add them to that Group Name. This is useful because if one Cessna 172 is grounded, SkyManager will automatically shift reservations to other Cessna 172’s in the group. Groups are discussed further below.

You can choose how much data to enter on each aircraft or simulator asset. You do not have to fill in all boxes, but some like Hobbs, Tach, and Rental Charges are important if you wish SkyManager to be able to track expenses and maintenance.

Continue Scrolling thru the menu, and click “Save Aircraft” that will appear at the bottom of this box. Using this box, in this example, a Cessna 172 was created and saved. Now we will see the aircraft listed:

You can now see the Cessna 172, N98765 on the list. To create the next aircraft, simply click “add” again, and repeat the process.


Aircraft Grouping: Many organizations find it helpful to group like aircraft together in SkyManager. This becomes very beneficial when scheduling. See Quick Start Guide 1.2 “Scheduling a Flight” for more info.

To create a group, click the word “add” just as if you are adding another aircraft. At the top of the menu use only the drop down box at “Aircraft Group”, create a Group Name, then scroll down and hit “Save Aircraft”

After adding some group names, and additional aircraft, we can now see this below list of aircraft, and the groups they belong in. At any time you can click on “edit” for the group name, or aircraft name, and make changes.


Now notice the arrows on the left side of the aircraft list. You can click these arrows to randomly move aircraft up or down the list, and if grouped, inside their group. You can also move the groups up and down. This feature is done under the above heading “Display Order”, noted above by the arrow. This is for your organizations preferred veiwing of the list.

The check box next to “Include hidden aircraft and groups” shows all aircraft in SkyManager, including those that may be privately owned, or reserved and normally only visbile to Administrator-tagged users.

Now click the box “Display Order” and flip it over to “Scheduling Order”. This list shows the order in which SkyManager will schedule aircraft. Notice the word “Randomize” that now appears:

Use this box to randomly sort your aircraft’s scheduling priority. This ensures that SkyManager evenly schedules all aircraft to avoid one from building too or slowly. Use as needed.

All aircraft, and group names will now appear on the schedule when you next view it.