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SkyManager will display Flight Instructor names on the Schedule once an Administrator has added the rostered user as an Instructor. This user can still have a Tag assigned called “Flight Instructor” if you wish, but only after you officially add them under the System Configuration tools will SkyManager know that they are a Flight Instructor.


1. Adding Users as Flight Instructors:

From the logged-in Home Screen, you the Administrator will first click on “System Configuration” under the Administrative Tools on the right side of this screen:

You will then click on “Instructors” on the next screen:

You will now arrive at the “Instructors” page where you can select and ad users as Instructors.

Use the drop down arrow box shown above to select a User to be listed as an Instructor. Note: Users wishing to be Flight Instructors must still follow Quick Start Guide 1.0 “Creating an Account” to be registered on the system first.


2. Choosing Individuals to Add as Instructors:

 Now select the user from the roster list that you wish to denote as an Instructor. For this example, we will pick Chris Smith.

Once we have selected Chris Smith, click the user is now identified by SkyManager, not by Tag, as a Flight Instructor. To add more, simply click the word “add” next to the drop down arrow box. Now lets add Bob Jones

Once you click Bob Jones name, hit return on the keyboard, and he is saved as an Instructor.



3. Editing an Instructor:

Now that you have added instructors, it is possible to edit the instructor listing.   Lets click the “edit” text link to the left of Chris Smith’s name.Tag’s permissions, go to the Home Screen, and again click on “Sytem Configuration on the right side of the screen, under Administrative Tools, then click on “Tags” just as in the above example. You will now be at your list of available tags, just at before. Lets now edit the newly created “Dispatcher” Tag. Start by clicking the Tag name:

The below window appears, with a drop down arrow box. We can now set the type charge want to tie to this instructor, for example, “C172 Rental” as shown below. By associating various charges like Instrument Instruction, and Plane rental to an instructor, SkyManager then can automatically calculate charges at the check-in of a flight involving this instructor.

Click “Save Instructor” to keep the selected Charges associated with this Instructor. You can add as many of these associated charges as you wish. These categories are created elsewhere. See the Quick Start guide list.

Common Question: Why cant I just assign a Tag to let SkyManager know who is an instructor?

While you may use the Tagging system to mark your instructors, SkyManager does not automatically know that a user with an “Flight Instructor” tag is actually an Instructor. The tagging system only controls permissions for the use of the site, but does not denote who the user is. Rather, the lesson above is to mark Instructors to SkyManager so they can be displayed on the flight schedule.