SkyManager is user configurable for colors and images. This tool allows your organization to make SkyManager look and feel more like your own organizations’ product. Under System Configuration, click “Look and Feel”

The following menu will appear:

Banner:  Following the size guidelines, this is the top bar across the page that the web browser displays. It can be any of the formats listed, and no bigger than stated. It can be your organization's logo, name, etc.


Login Graphic: The login graphic is displayed on the Home screen. Follow the guidelines on size and format.


Colors:   If you know your color codes, you can enter them. However, most don’t so we have provided a color tool. Click on the patch of color to bring up the color tool:

Drag the circle through the patch of color to your desired tint, and to change color, drag the indicator arrows up or down on the colored vertical bar in the center. Once you have the correct color, simply click back on the main page to save and close the tool.


Login Content:  Any text or image pasted in here will display on the login screen where a user enters their credentials. It is your choice to decide what, if anything, to display here. This is normally just entry white space on the login page.