VolunteerHub's integration with Salesforce allows you to synchronize your VolunteerHub user data, such as contact information, event registration, and volunteer hours, automatically with Salesforce. If you do not already have the integration, please contact clientsuccess@volunteerhub.com for more information.

How it Works

Once the integration is implemented, synchronization is completely transparent to the end user, meaning no more CSV files to import or export and no buttons to push. Instead, volunteer data is synchronized automatically every hour from VolunteerHub into Salesforce. That data is stored under new or existing contacts:

  • Biographical Information: VolunteerHub users will be sync'ed into Salesforce as Contacts. Click on the contact's name to view their contact information. The integration can automatically sync the user's title, first and last name, address, email address, email opt-in/out, home phone, mobile phone, work phone, birth date and gender.
  • Event Registrations and Hours: VolunteerHub users' event registrations and hours will be sync'ed into Salesforce on the individual's contact page, under User Registrations. 

Every hour, the integration synchronizes all VolunteerHub users that have 1) created or updated their accounts or 2) received hours for events since the last time the sync ran. When it brings over a new volunteer for the first time, you will need to de-duplicate that volunteer with any pre-existing record for that individual in Salesforce (we recommend at least once per week). This will allow you to merge the new volunteer accounts created by VolunteerHub with the corresponding existing records in Salesforce, if applicable, or leave them as new records if the volunteers didn't have Salesforce contacts previously. From that point on, the integration will continue to sync updated user information and hours to the same record in Salesforce. 

Package Components

Salesforce Package Components Spreadsheet

Things to Remember

Here are some things to remember about your Salesforce integration:

  • Deduplicate (merge) users in Salesforce regularly. When new Contacts are first brought over to Salesforce, they may have already had a Contact in Salesforce. Be sure that the most recent VolunteerHub User Unique ID is maintained on the merged record. (Do not attempt to merge more than one VolunteerHub user account into an existing Salesforce Contact. VolunteerHub can only maintain hours and user data for individuals.)
  • Never delete or change the username or password for the Salesforce administrator account you provide to VolunteerHub Support during the integration set-up. This will cause the automatic synchronization process to fail.