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Configurable Forms (previously known as Multiform) is an optional feature that provides the ability to create multiple user forms, allowing your organization to ask additional questions specific to users within a particular user group. This feature does not replace the main User Form; instead, it provides additional user form functionality for each user group you create, allowing you to collect basic information from all new users and specific information based on the user groups certain users belong to when creating or editing their accounts.

Once you’ve implemented Configurable Forms and a user enters the New User Registration Wizard, the basic User Form questions will be appended with any questions specific to the user groups to which the user belongs. These user groups may have been joined either through a join code, by selecting it from a list or through a group-specific landing page with auto-join enabled.

Configurable Forms is available at no extra charge to Enterprise Plan customers and can be added for an additional fee for all other billing plans. Contact your account manager or call (877) 482-3340 ext. 1 for more information.

To access and edit individual User Forms within the Configurable Forms feature, follow the steps provided below.

This article covers each of the following topics:

Creating the Basic User Form

The basic form lists all questions that EVERY volunteer will answer, regardless of who they are. This is the form where your most basic questions live, such as Full Name, Email Address and SMS Opt-Ins, all of which should be required in every site and should belong to the basic (All Users) User Form. If your organization uses Advanced Waivers, the basic form should also include Date of Birth.

Follow the steps below to set up your basic form for all users.

Step 1.

Navigate to the User Forms tile and click on the All Users user group.

Step 2.

This will open the User Form tab (Figure 1). This User Form will contain the basic questions you will ask of ALL volunteers, regardless of which sub-groups they belong to.

Figure 1. The basic User Form for all volunteers can be found under the All Users user group.

Step 3.

Click Add Question in order to choose either Add Existing Question or Create New Question.

For instructions on adding or editing questions in the original User Form and for a complete list of question types, please refer to the latter half of Part 2 of the Admin’s Getting Started Guide.

Any new questions you create here will be added automatically to the basic (All Users) User Form. 

DO NOT remove the Full Name, Email, or SMS Opt-In questions from the All Users user group's form! These are questions you need to ask every volunteer who creates an account, regardless of who they are. Removing these questions from the basic (All Users) form opens the potential for a new volunteer without group memberships to have zero questions in their volunteer application.

Creating Group-Specific User Forms

When a volunteer creates an account in your site, they may have more questions in their volunteer applications based on the user groups they belong to. Every user group you build in VolunteerHub can have its own special User Form questions, which will be asked in addition to the questions in the basic (All Users) form in your All Users user group. For example, you might ask All Users 10 basic questions (e.g., name, email, phone number, etc.), but for users who also belong to a corporate group, you might ask a Work Address question. As long as that ONE question is added to the "Corporate Groups" parent user group, any user belonging to the "Corporate Groups" group or any of its subgroups would get 11 questions (the 10 under All Users and the 1 additional question from "Corporate Groups" asking for work address).

Therefore, Configurable Forms functions much like a waterfall, since sub-groups will inherit the questions of their parent groups, and the questions of the sub-groups will simply append to the end of the form. For example, if the last question in your All Users form is the SMS Opt-In, immediately after that question they will get your group-specific questions. Therefore, questions that exist in the All Users group's form should NOT be added to the sub-groups below All Users, as all the sub-groups will already inherit the basic (All Users) form's questions.

If you want one of your custom groups to get special questions in addition to the base questions you built above, follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Navigate to the User Groups tile and click on the user group for which you would like to create group-specific User Form questions.

Step 2.

Click on the User Form tab of that user group.

Step 3.

Click on the Add Question button in the User Form (Figure 2). To create a new question, choose Create New Question.

Figure 2. New questions can be created, or include questions from previous user forms.

If you already created the question earlier, click Add Existing Question. A new screen will appear, and from here you can add an existing question to this group’s User Form by clicking on the Include button beside that question in the Question Pool. Once you have selected all the questions you wish to include, click Add to include them in this user form (Figure 3). Remember, however, that you do not need to include questions that already exist in a parent group of the current user group!

Figure 3. Include questions from a site-wide question pool in each group-specific User Form.

Step 4.

To remove a question from the User Form without deleting it from the site entirely, click the ellipsis (...) button to the right of that question and select the "Remove Question from Form" option from the menu that appears (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Select the "Remove Question From Form" option to remove the question from the User Form but keep it in the question pool.

Once you have added questions to the User Form of a specific user group, those questions will appear immediately following the basic (All Users) form's questions in the final page of the New User Registration Wizard for any user belonging to that user group. If a user has already created an account before being added to the user group, they may provide answers to those questions by navigating to My Account > Update Profile in the Volunteer View.

Viewing Your User Form as a User

Test as an Existing User

To view your completed User Form for one or more specific user groups, create a test user and add it to each of the desired user groups. Then, log in as the test user and navigate to My Account > Update Profile in the Volunteer View.

You should see your basic User Form questions for the All Users group followed by the questions for each user group to which you added the test user.

Test as a New User

If your users belong to a specific user group upon creating their accounts (either through the New User Group Membership option from the Settings tile under the Site Settings tab, by selecting the group(s) from a list, entering a join code in the New User Registration Wizard or by entering a landing page with auto-join enabled), you can test the full User Form for new users by clicking on the Create Account link on the Sign In page and going through the New User Registration Wizard.