You can create an "I accept" question for a legal document such as a liability waiver, safety form, etc. using the process below.

Step 1.

Navigate to User Forms and click on the "All Users" user group.  

Step 2.

Click Add Question and choose Create New Question.

Step 3.

Select the following configurations for your question:

  1. In the Question Type field drop-down menu, select "List." You can enter in any Name you wish (visible only to administrators).
  2. In the Prompt field, type in the question asking the user to review the document and provide a link to the document in the sentence (e.g., Please read the following liability waiver.) An alternative might be to enter the name of your waiver.
  3. In the Subprompt field, type in the question or statement you would like to add (e.g., If you do not accept the liability waiver you cannot volunteer for "name of organization."). An alternative might be to paste your waiver text into this field.
  4. Choose YES as the Require a response to this question option.
  5. As the To whom is this question and its answer visible? option, select Only administrators and the user.
  6. As the Who is allowed to change the answer to this question? option, select Only administrators and the user.
  7. In the List Items fields, enter Accepted for Value and "I accept the waiver above" for Text and click the Add button.

Step 4.

Click the Save button to save the question. Your users will now be prompted to accept the waiver when creating an account. However, this will not distinguish between adults and minors and is NOT recommended for organizations dealing with minors.