Note: Some of these terms relate to features which may not be included with your VolunteerHub package.  
Please consult your contract for a list of features available to you.


Deduplicate is a feature that automatically detects potential duplicate users in your VolunteerHub site and allows you to review and merge accounts in a couple clicks.

Default Maximum Party Size

The Default Maximum Party Size is the maximum number of slots a volunteer may occupy within an event.  Changing this number to be higher than 1 results in volunteers being given the option for their party size up to the number inputted.  For example, setting a Default Party Size of 3 gives options for 1, 2, or 3.  If a volunteer chooses 2, you would know the registered volunteer is bringing a second person with them (of whom you do not have any information aside from their headcount).


Often referred to as a shift or opportunity, an Event in VolunteerHub is how volunteers sign up to volunteer with an organization.  An organization may have a yearly Thanksgiving meal, with Events in VolunteerHub for greeters, meal prep, and serving food.

Event Groups

An Event Group is the category to which an event belongs.  Event Groups are created in a hierarchy and become more specific the deeper the structure goes.  For organizations with multiple locations, the highest-level Event Groups often break events up by location, followed by the types of volunteer opportunities available.

Join Codes

A Join Code is a method of allowing users to join a User Group.  With this membership control option, the group is designated a code which is provided to the members, allowing volunteers to input that code to join the User Group.  Join Codes are generally used during a user's account creation and are not tied to registering for an event.


Kiosk is the volunteer-facing interface for checking in and out of events.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages operate as sub-pages of your default VolunteerHub site, and can be used to promote specific events or be tailored to specific groups of users. Landing pages can be branded with a different logo and color scheme from the default landing page.


OnSite is the administrative interface for checking volunteers in and out of events.

Reservation Overflow

The Reservation Overflow option within an event allows the number of volunteers signed up under a user group reservation for an event to exceed a pre-determined reserved number if there are any unreserved slots available.

Recurrence Templates

A Recurrence Template is a template made to simplify the creation of events which occur more than once.  They can be turned on when needed or set to run on a recurrence pattern, such as 9:00 am – 12:00 pm every weekday through December 31st.  Events created from a Recurrence Template are linked to allow for easy editing; a change made to the template affects all future instances of that template, such as a change in location.


A Reservation allows for restricting all or part of the available slots of an event to a particular user group.

Unaffiliated Users

Unaffiliated Users is how the system refers to a volunteer signed up for an event outside of a user group reservation, i.e. general public. 


A User is any account within VolunteerHub.  This would include all volunteers as well as administrators.  Creation of a User account is necessary to sign up for events within VolunteerHub. 

User Form

The User Form is primarily used as the application new volunteers complete during their account creation.  Fields may be created within the User Form hidden from the user to allow for tracking and reporting of administrative materials.

User Groups

User Groups are a way of tagging, sorting, and tracking users in VolunteerHub.  User Groups can be set up in a variety of ways, and are often used to: track outside organizations, build an onboarding process, differentiate volunteers by skills or interests, and (with the Advanced Permissions module) create volunteer groups approved for particular tasks and limited administrator groups to allow less-than-full access to VolunteerHub’s admin features.

Volunteer View

Volunteer View exits an administrator out of the admin side of the site and returns to the homepage.  This places the admin on the side of the site that volunteers use to browse and sign up for events.


Turn on the Waitlist to allow volunteers to join a list after the event has reached its slot limit.  If slots then become available, those on the list will automatically be registered in the order they joined the list.  Admins may also manually move volunteers from the Waitlist to being registered for the event.


Waivers are a feature of the Advanced Waivers module.  This allows for creating agreements which are then applied to an event, that a volunteer must accept in order to sign up for the event.  Waivers are dynamic in that how they are accepted depending on the volunteer's age and can be set to expire, requiring the volunteer to re-agree.